October 22, 2009

Alak Hub!! Where art thou?

Warning: This post might seem utter balderdash to most people. Some others should be able to connect to it.

So, Alak Hub was down tonight. There was no anagrams in the week quizzes are over. It sucked. No 20 question rounds, no team games, no "aaaaaa", no "nasjfnbsjf", no "(swear word censored to account for the possbility of parents reading this, you know they also add me on facebook)", no "gawd ra", no "n1". It seemed my night-life on thursdays had reached a dead-end. So, I decided to amuse myself on the other working hub (Adroit hub). The following questions are the result of an active collaboration between me, my joblessness, Rahul, his joblessness, Tharun and his joblessness.

Here are these questions

Question 1 of 20: When will alak hub start?
Question 2 of 20: Why doesn't Adroit hub have anagrams?
Question 3 of 20: If Alak hub has no anagrams, will we love it so much?
Question 4 of 20: Bhaisaab, Hum chlor-mint kyun khaate hai?
Question 5 of 20: Why do some stupid people ask hint for Question 4 of 20?
Question 6 of 20: Which of the following services provided by gurunath are now superfluous?
Option 1: Train ticket booking.
Option 2: Flight booking.
Option 3: Vodafone recharge.
Option 4: Sale of Veg, Egg puff and LMN.

Question 7 of 20: Which is the best mess in Himalaya?
Question 8 of 20: Why do random people pretend to be girls on Adroit hub?
Question 9 of 20: What was Question 1 of 20?
Question 10 of 20: Find the psychological relationship between Rahul's chair and anagrams?
Question 11 of 20: Why don't jobless junta play games on websites like www.mindjolt.com instead of playing on facebook and cluttering my homepage?
Question 12 of 20: Is it just me or the BCG shortlist is really short on the number of insti heavyweights?
Question 13 of 20: Should I give up on placements and concentrate on CAT instead?
Question 14 of 20: If a graph were to be plotted of the pathetic-ness of these questions vs question number and curve-fitting techniques be used, what will be the equation of the curve y(x)?
Question 15 of 20: Is net working?
Question 16 of 20: If Robin Scherbatsky says "Apples and Oranges" on facebook, 92 people like it. If I list out all the fruits on my facebook status, how many people will like it?
Question 17 of 20: Why are you still reading these questions?
Question 18 of 20: Is this is the most awesome video ever to be posted on facebook?
Question 19 of 20: Anyone for FIFA 09?
Question 20 of 20: Is this over?


Anonymous said...


Indigo Lobster said...

Heights of joblessness !
But pretty hilarious

Indigo Lobster said...

@ Sumedh

I have tagged you on my latest post (Indelible Moments). Hoping to see an earnest response from your side. You can view my post on

Akshari said...

Few of my answers:

8. Because it's fun :)
14. No curve-fitting techniques required .. y = infinity.
16. I'd love to see you eat all of them in one go :P
18. Yeah, it is .. And I know and have seen a couple of much older boys who still do it :P

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