January 28, 2010

A rant against eye wear

A very happy new year 2010 to all. The madness of the last few months - which deserve a separate blog post - combined with my laziness did not let me update my blog. Yesterday night, this article posted by my ex-roommate got me thinking. This article digresses on various niceties of one's Facebook profile picture, but the thing that caught my eye was "Eye contact". A lot of people from various disciplines stress about eye contact. It can be used as a tool for flirting, mental sledging, impressing during an interview, communicating and whatnot. There are studies which link eye contact to issues as diverse as falling in love and social anxiety disorders. Clearly, eye contact is an integral part of human life.

I always thought I used to be good at eye contact. Till puberty hit, and suddenly, my gaze shifted lower while talking to people of the opposite sex. It took a while to finally get used to this extra gravitational force and look up again. By the time I did, most of them seemed to have contracted myopia and had gone bespectacled. The wearers eventually got used to it but I somehow couldn't. Most of my close relatives had never worn spectacles till then. I never spoke a word against their new accoutre, but I never felt right about it. Something had changed.

Now, the same friend has recently come back from home and is sporting new spectacles. Another close friend has put up a Facebook profile pic of her wearing glasses. This time, I must let you all know how much I hate sunglasses and spectacles.

Eyes are man's foremost method of communication. Some people can orate very well, some write very well, but for the rest of us, eyes are our only tool to portray true emotions. Most of the famous scenes in movies have the protagonists facing off each other only looking into each others' eyes. Putting anything in the way of your eyes, is directly stepping into the way of God.

Has anybody ever heard of an eye contact while wearing spectacles. It is impossible to have an in-depth personal discussion with anyone who wears glasses. It just doesn't feel right. It seems artificial. As for aesthetics, spectacles make you look older.

While I am on the subject of aesthetics and spectacles, let me also vent out against sun-glasses. In my book, they are worse than spectacles. Sun-glasses do not make you look cool, rather, they make you look cold and aloof. It is impossible to talk to a person while he/she is wearing sun glasses without half of your mind wondering, "Is he/she even listening? Where is he/she looking?". Sun-glasses should be used only when absolutely necessary, say when you are at some place covered in snow.

To all spectacle users, please think about laser-eye surgery or contact lenses. Not only are both the options cheaper in the long run, they make you look better. To all sun-glasses users, don't you want to be able to walk on the road without tripping on every alternate step.

It feels good to let all this out. Yes, it does.


amol said...

Nice one!
But why is your page's name rosetinted-spectacles if you hate spectacles so much?

IDR said...

_Completely_ disagree.

Sumedh V. Vidwans said...


Well, rose-tinted contact lenses isn't a popular phrase.



Sona said...

Ohh haha..So much against poor spectacle wearers. Now c'mon what can someone do if they have refractive defect of the eye ;)
Yes, it is perfectly possible to have a "normal" conversation, i.e. if u look at the face and not anywhere else ;)
Don't make it sound like a contractible disease.

Anonymous said...

That’s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

Anonymous said...

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