April 21, 2010

April Adventures

The last month of the even semester in IITM is dominated by 2 things: Hostel nights and End Semester exams. If you are a final year student, you only care about by the former.

The hostel nights can sometimes become a bit of a rut. I mean, unlimited drinks, fags and dancing into the night is awesome fun. But doing that 8-10 nights in a row can be a tough ask. Thankfully, this year's hostel night calendar produced a number of surprises for me.

It all started with a quest. A quest to visit the forbidden corridors of that hostel. After all, this was my last chance. And to be honest, with the developments over the last year, it was perhaps my best chance. Over the last half-decade I have lost practice of talking to the species residing in the aforementioned hostel. So, to ensure that I don't blow up my chances, I meticulously framed a 3-step process with feedback at every stage which reduced the number of errors. 3 Targets were zeroed upon.

Target no. 1 was SMSed an invite to my hostel night. I expected the offer to be either ignored or declined or (fingers crossed) reciprocated by an invite to Target no. 1's hostel night. But Target no. 1 instead told that she had already been invited and didn't need another invite.

Before I went after Target no. 2, I decided to remove SMS as a medium of communication. It gave the Target a lot of time to find an excuse. So Target no. 2 was instead talked to over Gtalk. After Target no. 2 was invited, she replied back with a "Thank You". I waited with a bated breath for something more to come. I waited, and I waited. I replied "You want to say something more??", and at that moment, the green dot next to Target no. 2's name on my Gtalk list turned Grey. Whether she became invisible, or had a net connection problem, I will never know.

I was at the third and final stage of my 3-step process. Foolproof plans had to be made this time. But somehow no schemes came to mind. The quest seemed to be finished at this point. And the fortress unconquered. But thankfully, God intervened. Target no. 3 herself called and invited me over. It was pretty anti-climactic. But what the hell, All's well that ends well.

That hostel night however wasn't at all anything how I played it in my mind. The hallowed corridors were nothing different than any other corridor. The rooms are the same, in fact so small, they seem like a jail cell. In hindsight, perhaps the 5 year wait heightened my expectations too much.

After this there was another quest. An unfinished one from last time. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our wing couldn't make a wing video in time. Amends had to be made this time. Just a wing video wasn't enough, it had to be the wing video of the year. To make the wing video different than the rest, it was decided to sing the song ourselves. And yours truly was drafted in to be one of the lead singers. Apparently, I was not good enough to help out for the wing video in any other way. My singing expertise is limited to one stage performance in 1995 and incessant bathroom singing ever since. But history aside, my voice was a perfect foil to droopy's slow drawl and pogo's energetic loud notes. The recording sessions were simply a laugh riot. The combination of hilarious lyrics and witty friends meant that we couldn't sing one line without keeping our faces straight. It took us more than a day to get just 5 minutes of lines right. You can check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU4RAvnnQ1k.

Mandak night also threw up a few surprises this time. For a change, there were more XY-chromosomed species this year than all the earlier 4 years together. The added bonus of celebrating Uss's birthday same night made it all the more special and spectacular. A number of small incidents happened after that. Unfortunately, they are not as funny and are indeed too personal to share.

Mandak night was followed by Godav night. I promised myself not to get wasted like the previous 2 days and return to room at 10 PM like a good boy. But what happened twice, had to happen thrice (Borrowed from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. This actually is becoming one of my favorite quotes). In no time, I had downed - well, my parents might read this so lets not go into how many milliliters of what and other details, instead lets use the word - inordinate amounts of alcohol. And in this drunken haze, my host for Godav night started a Marathi movie by the name, "Yanda Kartavya Ahe" (Its literal translation is - Taking responsibility, in the context of the movie it means, that the person is ready for marriage). Rated 9.3 on IMDB, the movie is a sweet romantic comedy and showcases the life of an arranged marriage couple during their honeymoon. I am a sucker for rom-coms anyways, but given the special circumstances currently in my family - with all my elder cousins having found their soul-mates and me having just ended the 'golden' period in my life - this movie was also vital in terms of possible preparation for my future. Anyways, the movie is a must-see for no-hopers in their love life and for anyone who appreciates good cinema.


kay gee said...

enjoyed reading it!

Aniket said...

Nice post! But abrupt end?

Ashtung said...

high expectations almost always lead to a let-down... you should've known that...

as for your love-life, and mine, their is a very good indigenious remedy for it called the 'arranged marriage', specially crafted for us iitians

adithi said...

arre! i had no idea your message the other day had so much depth to it... :P
ps - ur wing video was very interesting, and taking inspiration, we've decided to try the singing bit in ours as well next year.. ;)

Sumedh V. Vidwans said...

@Kay gee,

Thanks :)


Thanks, yeah, sorry for skipping Ganga night. Not that it was low on 'entertainment' value (Ganga night never is), but was too wasted on that night to remember what happened :)

@Ashtung: *sighs*

@Adithi: You just revealed yourself as one of the targets :P


I should see the movie, ;).
Sorry that I didn't meet you on your hostel night, though you wouldn't have remembered anyway :D.

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